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ICS is Building for the Future!

Building View 1Since 1977, we have been the largest adoption agency for felines in Northwest Indiana, having placed 298 cats and kittens in the past year alone. With a focus on reducing the population of unwanted cats and kittens across our region, our spay/neuter partnerships and educational components are essential complimentary programs to our active adoption program.

Together, these aspects bring into focus the fundamental best practices of any no-kill shelter.

The ICS Board of Directors, key volunteers and staff engaged in a thoughtful process to develop a reasonable plan that is both aspirational and attainable. As a small non-profit organization with consistent but modest means, ICS is perpetually caught between the immediate financial needs of our nearly 200 cats and the long-term capital needs of the organization.

With foresight, ICS began a separate Building Fund that to date has raised $34,000 to be used toward meeting the cost of new construction projects. Approximately $60,000 additional is needed to complete the first phase of the project.

Building View 2What came out of this planning process was that the most immediate need involves our square footage, in particular our ability to intake and house new arrivals as well as meeting with our visitor adopters and their first impressions of ICS. A clean, attractive space that includes space for office equipment, a place for visitors to relax, space for events, as well as space for visitors to meet some of our most special residents, is increasingly needed. With that in mind, the ICS Board has approved the construction of a new Welcome Center.

We think that the Welcome Center addition will go a long way towards bringing more visitors and potential adopters to ICS, thus increasing both adoptions and community involvement. As guests enter they would be greeted in the reception area, and they can quickly see the kittens frolicking and exploring in rooms designed to allow room to play, socialize, and be active. The Welcome Center will also include a designated space for the Adoption Counselors to work with potential adopters and finalize adoptions.

Phase I drawing of layout

The kitten rooms and office area will allow the current incoming area to be focused only on the needs of the new cats as they begin their journey towards a second chance at a better life. Once this first Phase of the project is completed, Phase II will be able to move forward, which will include extensive renovation of the existing facility as well as further expansion.

How YOU Can Get Involved!

Of course, your donations are welcome and any gift given directly to the Building Fund will be set aside solely for this project. If you are interested in helping to make our dream a reality, click here to give a gift!

You are also encouraged to join the Building Committee in any capacity. Activities of the Building Committee include:

  • Meet monthly and communicate regularly via e-mail.
  • Make decisions about design and implementation.
  • Develop and implement plans for fundraising.
  • Reach out to potential donors and businesses.
  • Get the word out on a regular basis with updates and opportunities for involvement.
  • Publicize the Rainbow Bridge Garden, since monies from the garden go to the building fund.

Other things you might consider:

  • Does your company provide matching grants on a regular basis? Would they consider doing so on a one time basis?
  • Do you or someone you know have the ability to provide a gift?
  • Do you belong to an organization that might like to do some kind of fundraiser?
  • Would you like to purchase a brick or donate your time to the Rainbow Bridge Garden to beautify and maintain it?

Questions? Please contact us at